Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I don’t read many thrillers so it should be no surprise that I’m about 5 years late to the Gone Girl party. (I have not seen the movie, what follows are only book related thoughts.) One of my skills is avoiding spoilers for something I plan to read/watch eventually, so I had no clue what would happen in Gone Girl before I started it.

WARNING! Spoilers are below.



Amy and Nick are a seemingly perfect couple - young, attractive, and madly in love. One day Amy disappears from their home and Nick begins to look more and more suspicious to the police investigating the case, especially as Amy's diary reveals that Nick may not be what he seems.

My Thoughts:

Overall, this was a really entertaining read and I had no problem getting lost in the story. The narration alternated between Nick and Amy and kept the story moving quickly, especially after the diary reveal. I enjoyed the twists, like when I wasn't sure what would happen when Amy's plans changed. (I personally enjoyed the scene where she was robbed.)

Some people seem to think Nick and Amy are equally terrible, which I disagree with to an extent. They both suck. I would never be friends with either of them, but Nick was more of an everyday kind of cheater asshole, whereas Amy was a sociopath. By the end I wanted Nick to be happier than Amy...but not too happy.

I think my main problem with this book was that there was no real resolution. Amy kind of “won” but not exactly. She came back because she lost her money, otherwise I think she would have been just crazy enough to go along with her plan. Her pregnancy was the final trap for Nick, sure, but since he knew the truth and gave up, it was less of a victory for her and more of a stalemate. I would’ve liked the ending more if one character took down the other. Then again, they did deserve each other.

It also irritated me that no one investigated the diary further. Nick, his sister (I hated her nickname, I will not type it out), and the detective all knew it was a fake, so why didn’t they have it analyzed? I'm pretty sure there are ways to tell how long ago a piece of paper was written on. They could have proved the diary was not as old as it claimed and all accounts were fabricated. And Amy’s unplanned detour at Desi’s house would never have been explained away so easily to suspicious investigators in a nationally followed case, period. That felt forced. 


Gone Girl was 3 out of 5 stars for me, it was a great page turner for fans of thrillers but I’m not in awe of it the way many people were.