Review: The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

This book club read was an enjoyable way to spend a day! Even though it’s not my new favorite thriller, it kept me interested the whole way through.

I don’t consider anything below to be a spoiler, so have at it.


Lo Blacklock, a travel journalist, had just been given an amazing opportunity to review a luxury cruise ship’s maiden voyage. However, before leaving, an event happened at home to set her nerves on edge, and even though the ship was elegant and she knew some of the guests, Lo’s week never calmed down.

Once the trip began, Lo witnessed what seemed like a woman being thrown off the ship. With all guests and crew accounted for, Lo realized she was the only one who could defend the possible victim and set out to prove her story. When she started digging, secrets began coming out, and Lo's own life was put at risk. 

My Thoughts:

This was a very similar read to Girl on the Train, but I did like the characters in this one much better. (Aside from the murderous ones, obviously.) When I read Girl on the Train, I hated the main character, Rachel, and the others were all cheaters, liars, murderers - I just didn’t care what happened to them in spite of it being a page turner. In The Woman in Cabin 10, I often wanted Lo to do something else but I liked her for being a decent human being.

I enjoyed the first half of the book more than I did the second half. The action built up steadily starting with Lo’s apartment issue, then the introduction to the various potential murderers, and more and more unexplainable incidents. There were enough clues that I had a vague idea of where the story was heading but I still wasn’t expecting one or two of the twists. I appreciated the occasional email or news article sprinkled throughout the pages, showing that Lo’s family and boyfriend were getting worried when they couldn’t reach her. It kept the story rooted in the real world when the actual physical setting in the novel was very small.

As a side note: I liked Lo’s boyfriend and wished he was in the story more. In thrillers it always feels like the significant other is hiding something devious and evil and it was nice that he was just worried for Lo’s safety.

However, toward the end of the novel when Lo went to a certain place and met a certain person - avoiding spoilers here - I was actually less interested in that portion of the story. It seemed like a lot of answers were just being handed to me and I no longer had to work at figuring anything out. The action did pick up at the very end and I enjoyed that part of reading but honestly, I still had questions when I finished the book. I had to read some reviews to piece it together and I’m not entirely sure how Lo could have received that “message,” but I was happy that the person sending the message was still around. 


This was a 3 out of 5 for me, I’ve read other books that are a bit more thrilling but this one did keep me wondering how exactly Lo would make it out of her predicament, and I was rooting for her to stay alive. I’d recommend it for a quick, entertaining read!